Calendar of Events

Trade Shows and Industry Events






 * See documents section for recaps of specific trade shows by attending ReproMAX Partner companies.          


Name   Dates  Location
Consumer Technology Association (CES) 3D
1/5-8 Las Vegas, NV
National Retailers Federation BIG Show 1/15-17 NY, NY
WOC (World of Concrete) 1/17-20 Las Vegas, NV
National Grocers Association 2/12-15 Las Vegas, NV
NBM Show 2/16-18 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Graphics of the Americas 2017 2/16-18 Miami Beach, FL
eTAIL West 2/27-3/2 Palm Springs, FL
DSCOOP Phoenix     3/1-4  Phoenix, AZ
AGC Convention 3/7-9 Las Vegas, NV
NBM Show 3/16-18 Arlington,TX
Digital Sign Expo 3/28-31  Las Vegas, NV
Global Shop 3/28-3/30  Las Vegas, NV
ISA Sign Expo 4/19-22  Las Vegas, NV
AIA Convention
4/27-29 Orlando, FL
Converting & Packaging Print Expo (CPP Expo) 4/19-21 Las Vegas, NV
RAPID 3D Manufacturing Show 5/8-11 Pittsburgh, PA
National Hardware Show 5/9-11
Las Vegas, NV
National Restaurant Show 5/20-23 Chicago, IL
NBM Show 6/1-3 Indianapolis, IN
ICX Summit (Interactive Customer Experience) 6/5-6/7 Dallas, TX
NBM Show 7/20-22 Long Beach, CA
3D Print NY 7/21-22
3D Con 2017 8/8-14 Irvine, CA
eTAIL East 8/14-17 Boston, MA
NBM Show 8/17-19  Seacaucus, NJ
NBM Show 9/8-9 Denver, CO
Graph Expo 9/10-14 Chicago, IL
PRINT 9/10-14 Chicago, IL
IFAI Expo 9/26-29 New Orleans, LA
SGIA 10/10-12 New Orleans, LA
NBM Show 10/26-28 Charlotte, NC
Autodesk University 10/14-16 Las Vegas, NV
 Canada, Europe and Others    
SGI Dubai 1/15-17 Dubai, UAE
Packaging Innovations 2/1-3 Birmingham, UK
Sign & Digital UK 3/28-30 Birmingham, UK
Graphics Canada Expo 2017 4/6-8 Toronto, Canada
FESPA 5/8-12 Hamburg, Germany
eTAIL Canada 5/16-18 Toronto, Canada
DSCOOP-EMEA 6/7-9 Lyon, France
Grocery Innovations Canada 10/23-24 Toronto, Canada



Las Vegas,NV
Las Vegas,NV