FAQ Information


 What is ReproMAX?

ReproMAX is an international network that leverages the power of a wide range of independent print service providers so they may deliver high quality services to their customers. We have 275 print locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Belgium. Since 1973, ReproMAX Partner companies have been recognized as leaders and a global source for print, content management and visual communication. ReproMAX provides its Partner companies and their customers with competitive advantages and a global network through industry leading technology, information sharing and industry education. Our Partners give their customers local knowledge with important international coverage.

Are you an association?
ReproMAX is a corporation, but it is owned by the Partner companies. So ReproMAX is an association of companies that facilitates networking, information sharing and industry education. 

What do I get when I'm a ReproMAX Partner?
ReproMAX is a powerful resource for independent print service providers. ReproMAX delivers the information Partners need for their customers to succeed. ReproMAX offers answers to a wide range of industry topics. ReproMAX helps our Partners learn while connecting with the finest independent print service providers in the business. ReproMAX develops industry relationships to give our Partners access to discounts and special promotions.

Why is ReproMAX important to the growth of my company?
Partners can exchange online information with other members to get immediate solutions to tough problems and develop best practices.
Partner companies can cultivate alliances and partnerships with industry leaders worldwide to broaden their sales footprint.
Partners receive ongoing consultation on all aspects of running their business.
Secure technical support for every facet of your company's digital environment.
Partner companies have access to ReproMAX DFS, the industry’s leading digital planroom.
Partners may attend educational conferences and workshops to assist in maximizing profitability and learn about potential new revenue sources.
Partner companies have an online presence on the international locator map of our website with a direct link to your website.
Access to an international document distribution network. 
Distribution and print benefits for both Partner companies and their customers. 
Access to discounts on equipment purchases.

How do I join ReproMAX?
ReproMAX Partner companies must be leaders in the digital print service provider industry. Each should be an independently owned, full-service firm. Each Partner company must meet ReproMAX’s market share, sales volume and leadership standards and demonstrate a commitment to developing leading-edge technology and value-added services. You can contact us at 800-873-7762 or info@repromax.com to request more information or an application.

How do I become an approved vendor at ReproMAX?
Please send us an email at info@repromax.com or contact us at 800-873-7762.