Mike Duff Award

The Mike Duff Award
Established in 2010 by the ReproMAX Board of Directors to honor an amazing man for his outstanding leadership, dedication and loyalty to the industry. This recognition is meant to represent Mike's spirit of commitment throughout his many years of service to the vision and mission of ReproMAX. He believed that mentoring the next generation in the industry was critical to keeping our industry alive. He was truly a pioneer in print.
Mike and Cathie Duff
Recipients of The Mike Duff Award
2011 - Cathie Cushing Duff
2012 - Gene Klein
2013 - Bill Thomas
2014 - Sol Magid
2015 - Joe Williamson
2016 - Guy Timothy
2017 - Paul Fridrich
2018 - Mike Carter

Please take a moment to read Cathie Duff's eloquent description below of Mike and his contributions to ReproMAX. She describes why this award--the highest individual ReproMAX award--continues to be a significant honor to its recipients!

For more than thirty years the members of ReproMAX have shared the common belief that closely held reprographic companies can become more effective, successful, and profitable by pooling knowledge and resources. 

No one embodied that belief more than Mike Duff.  He knew that he could learn more from other members of the industry than in any school, and he did.  He  believed that sharing what he learned would make all of his partners smarter, stronger and more competitive.  He knew that ReproMAX companies are more than service providers – we function as partners with our clients, anticipating needs and solving problems.

I knew Mike Duff for more than thirty years and I cannot remember a time when he wasn't passionately curious about what his company should be working on next. And he wanted EVERYONE to know why we should care about what he was investigating. Supporting ReproMAX was a primary professional goal for him because a strong organization would improve the success of all its members.

There is no better way to remember Mike Duff's contribution than to recognize other members who generously give their time and talent to improve the value of their membership.  It would please him greatly to know that he could be the inspiration for another person to take up where he left off, trying to improve the playing field for the members of ReproMAX.

-Cathie Cushing Duff-