When the communications professionals from the Des Moines Public Schools contacted Senior CSR Chuck Bloyer at Beeline & Blue, he knew their idea for grand cutout graphics was right up their alley. As the showcase of the stage at the Summit on Climate and Culture, Chuck understood what they needed and knew he could provide the ideal backdrop for a successful summit.   Chuck says Beeline & Blue has worked with the school system for many years on several successful projects, so Phil Roeder, Director of Communications and Adam Rohwer, Graphic Arts Specialist knew they were putting this project in capable hands.  And that’s when Chuck went to work! He ...
This article takes an interesting perspective on why direct mail works in a B2B marketing framework. We're heard a lot about why direct mail is so important, but this article takes a slightly different look at why it could work for many of your clients. Direct mail is relevant to the marketing mix, even in these digitally dominant times!  To summarize, these are the eight reasons why direct mail is still important: It doesn't require opt-in (important in the GDPR days) It won't get caught in spam filters Mail stays effective long after it hits your desk It stays effective even when you've moved on It doesn't have any competition It lends itself ...
Daisy Scalia on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of AA Blueprint! Now you can break out that bottle of champagne! Congratulations Daisy and everyone at AA Blueprint for making it to such a milest
Check out this article that details all the right reasons you need social media to make your business better. If you're marketing these days, social media is essential to your marketing mix. Each platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) helps you connect directly with your clients, increase awareness of your brand and support your lead generation and sales process. And it really doesn't take much to start. Just a commitment to use it on a consistent basis. Here is a summary of the  six reasons why you need to invest in social media to improve your business prospects: Build awareness--if prospects don't know you're there, they can't become customers! Communicate ...
You've decided you're ready to take on a content marketing effort that will help you meet your marketing and sales goals. Take a look at this article that will take you step-by-step through the process of establishing a budget for content marketing that's effective and has the opportunity to realize a return on investment. There are some interesting statistics in this article, like content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound and generates three times as many leads. It also drives your conversion rate that could be six times higher than your other marketing methods. A good read that's not too long.

ABM Could Be Your Answer

Take a look at this detailed article that will help you understand the benefits of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This alternative B2B strategy concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market. ABM takes advantage of extreme personalization of campaigns designed to catch the attention of these targeted prospects. Sound interesting? Check out this article from Target Marketing for more informatio
Check out this article that will help you create better-read emails that get results. The article goes into detail on the essentials of good emails including the writing, the designing and the value-added content of each email you send out. Learn the basics for tying them all together resulting in emails that help you make your case and keep them coming back for mor
Take a look at this article from Marketing Insider Group that makes some excellent points about how to assess your marketing strategy this year. You'll find some good suggestions, and also some very good thoughts to live by when determining your marketing future:  ...don’t make it complicated. Quality trumps quantity all day long. Challenge your team to put people and the customer experience ahead of the data. You’ll start to see a bigger return on your time investment as collaboration and innovation improves.  Just keep it simple and meaningful – that will motivate your teams to drive the brand to new levels of engageme
Take a look at this article that goes in-depth into the idea how marketers can build trust. The full article is an excellent read. Here's a list of five ways to grow influence, credibility and trust in marketing: Accelerate the internal and external credibility of marketing.  Double down on activating customers Work with influencers to become influential.  Create a content collaboration ecosystem.  Optimize measurement to customer RO
Excellent news! @ PrintingNews and @ whattheythink are joining forces to create the largest source of printing news both online and off: http://   Congrats to a
Check out this interesting article /infographic detailing what they've accomplished last year and what they hope to accomplish this year! It's a broad look at Canon by the number

How To Write A Case Study

One of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox is a case study or a case history. It's real-world proof that you actually know how to service your clients and keep them coming back for more. Sometimes it's hard to step back and take a look at what you've done, and accurately portray it. Take a look at this article that conveys some excellent tips on how to write a case study, plus they offer a template you can use to develop your own case histo
Take a look at this article that details what triggered direct mail really is and how to get results from it. This applies not only to your business but to your client's businesses.  To summarize: It's another name for the practice of direct response marketing --when a consumer or customer does something, it triggers a response from you.  One of those responses can be a mailing--from you or your customer.  The question becomes: do you have the infrastructure available to take advantage of triggered direct mail? For instance, can you track visitors to your website, download of content, or CRM software. This article shows you what you need to be ...
Take a look at this article from Alabama Graphics where their expertise in indoor wall decor is on full display in their conference room. According to this article, they used their conference room walls in their Birmingham office to portray the rich history of their city and the state of Alabama. Printed, designed and installed by the professionals at Alabama Graphics, this is the perfect place to showcase your team's expertis
That's right, according to this article , if you want to see a future for the printing industry, you'll need to learn the ins and outs of digital online marketing. So, exactly what is digital online marketing? It can mean a lot of things to many people, but for marketers it means anything that enhances the print or direct mail process that occurs online. This author uses an example of direct mail retargeting. If you don't know what retargeting is, read the article and find out what this entail
Take a look at this case history from Kevin Gennerman and his team at Scantech Graphics! Client: LPA Architects (hired by Hammer Ventures) Key Player: Architect and Developer Goal or Issue:   Provide an overall seamless branding through wall mural, museum-mounted photographic panels, and vehicle wrap for sales office of a new development which will use a golf cart to give tours of the site. Customer Solution:   LPA Architects ( www. ) contacted us to assist in fulfilling the goals of their client, Hammer Ventures, which has proposed a dramatic new use for an old post office in San Diego. The old U.S. Post Office located ...
Check out this exciting event that Cushing has planned where public art meets public space. On July 19, Cushing will host an event at the Chicago Design Museum that will bring together artists and designers where they will collaborate with real estate developers to make exciting new spaces better. The event is designed to show how art can make any environment more welcoming. A panel of designers, artists, commercial real estate developers and Cushing will discuss how public spaces can be more inviting to the general public with the introduction of well-produced artwork. Want to learn more? Go to: for all the detail
Check out this article that summarizes the most recent Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends research. To summarize, according to this research:  Sign and display graphics is a growth market.  Increasing demand for short turnaround even with wide format jobs with long sales cycles.  Top applications for clients are banners, vehicle wraps, signs and indoor wall decor.  The most commonly used flexible media types varied. The most untapped opportunity? Investment in workflow tools and automation.  You can buy the executive summary if you're a member of ISA for $24.9
Riley's has established Vivid Interior Decor in Calgary, Alberta to handle corporate identity and branding for all interior applications. Their focus is on successfully implementing corporate identity programs and branding tactics within the hospitality, building, institutional and healthcare industries. Backed by a solid 68 years of experience with Riley's, this company will work to ensure that a client's inspirations become a reality with efficiency and outstanding quality. For more information, click here to go to their websit
The publication Wide Format & Signage has named four ReproMAX Partner companies to their 2018 Top Shops. Think about this...11 percent of the total list of 38 are ReproMAX Partner companies. And 13 percent of the total revenues are from ReproMAX Partner companies. The companies in alphabetical order are Alabama Graphics, Cushing Co., Hackworth and SBR/Vision Graphics. ReproMAX is so proud to see that these "top shops" are nationally recognized by this prestigious publication. Some interesting notes about these top shops include: It's a 50/50 split between color and black and white production 20 percent of the sales to these top shops are attributed ...